Grassington Village, location for 'The Outsiders' reality TV show, Channel 4

Grassington the Village - location for TV Show 'Love Thy Neighbour'

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The village of Grassington, North Yorkshire is the location for an eight-part documentary-style competition 'Love Thy Neighbour' in which the winner is given a house in the village (provided they live in it for three years!).

The Channel 4 'reality' TV show involves outside contestants moving into Grassington village and becoming part of community life. The show was dumped from Channel 4 after 4 episodes, the remainder to be shown on a digital only channel (can anyone get that in Grassington???) More 4 on a Friday night at 9pm......

Contestants tackle a number of jobs over several weeks to assess their value to the village, highlighting skills, civic values and neighbourliness, or any other means to try and gain votes.... Some of the villagers are expressing strong views about the programme, many of them less than flattering!
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Map of Grassington Village

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Decisions on who is “voted” off each week is made by a local vote (although reports from the village suggest that as the weeks wore on a financial inducement was offered to keep up a good turnout at the polls!).

Filming in Grassington began in late 2010 and lasted for around six weeks.

Eight one-hour episodes of 'The Village' were be planned to be screened on UK TV's Channel 4 in 2011, just prior to which the show title was changed to 'The Outsiders' and then finally to the title used for transmission 'Love Thy Neighbour'.

Grassington Town Hall photo / image
Grassington Town Hall

Village of Grassington
Bunting in Grassington - summer 2010

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A cottage in Grassington Village
Grassington - Cottage

Grassingtn Village shops
Shopping in Grassington village
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Village square, Grassington

Grassington main street and village
Grassington - Village Square

Grassington Post Office

Grassington village shops, visitors and outsiders
Grassington - The village Post Office and Shops

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Grassington Village - The Grass

Love Thy Neighbour - Grassington Village
"The Grass...."

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"...we've being set up, imagine how many of the Village turn out to the pub when they lay on free beer! (limited to an hour after first week)...." MORE

...The title is scary, we were sold the idea as "The Village"
Simone and her hubby Philip (the black couple) who feature in the first episode were far from the first to arrive.. several couples who will appear later in the series arrived in the village before them..." MORE

Grassington Village in the news...

Village fears racist TV portrayal
Craven Herald
Grassington residents will be watching with bated breath as the first episode of a television programme filmed in the village is aired on Channel 4. ...

(comments) .....the villagers were so badly treated, i[sic] demanded to not be on film and they kept stuffing a camera in my face that i[sic] got a let[sic] written by my solicitor to write a letter informing them that if my image or voice appears on the show indoors anywhere i[sic] will take them to court for use of my image with out[sic] permission....

....and i'm[sic] going to contact ofcom, as they have falsy[sic] showed the village, and i'm going to contact visit yorkshire tourism, cause i[sic] bet they will have a thing or two to say to c4!!!!.....

....i[sic] teach in a school which is 2 thirds asian, and lived with an omani during university, and my bestfriend[sic] has been living with his boyfriend for 4 years, so before you try to start on me, why don't you look at your comments, and realise that c4 have edited and cut the comments to suit how they like, a lot of the villagers are suing the filming company because of it, they turned the village upside down.....

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Grassington is the kind of village where residents say things like “some
people are a still a little bit scared of gays” and “we don't want
anyone on ...

Why it's harder to live in the country than towns
True to expectation, the village, Grassington, in the Yorkshire Dales, is a place of almost impossible perfection, and one of the families in the first...

Love Thy Neighbour Review: Love Thy Personality Contest
... all for the prize of a country house in a village 'set in its ways'.... a home in the picture-postcard perfect Yorkshire Dales village of Grassington....

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